Stronger Employee Attraction and Retention Through Brand Strategy

Build Your

Stronger Employee Attraction and Retention Through Brand Strategy

Want to avoid employee reviews that sound like this?

Is your brand causing a shut down of the internet because past employees hated working for you or is your brand bringing people to the front door eager to work for your company?

Mediocre Company, USA

“Deceptive, Unethical, Poorly Managed, No Sense of Direction”

“You will HATE working here–Please read all the reviews”

“Working Here is Psychological Torture”

“New Admittees Beware!”

“For the love of God, do NOT work here”

Most employers think they are okay until they start poking around and asking questions. If something is happening, do you know about it? Are you frustrated because you find out a great employee is leaving when it’s too late?

It’s easy to say “I’ll pay them more.” But it’s more complex and takes a longer-term strategy to establish processes, management practices, and relationships that create and maintain an attractive culture and build a strong employer brand. 

What is an employer brand?

It’s what people think of your company as a place of work.

It’s time to be the coolest place to work. 

If you want employees that are eager to work for you and are ready for a different approach to building a team, it’s time to take a look at employer branding. Employer branding is the key to standing out in the job market and keeping the employees you already have. It only takes 3 steps to understand how you can move from mediocre place to work to the coolest place to work. It’s not a quick fix, short term solution, but it can make the biggest difference in the years to come.

 It’s time to build a stronger employer brand with our 3-step process designed for companies that are ready to be a cool place to work.

the process



Research is conducted to identify how your brand measures up in key areas including:

+ Online presence and reputation

+ Employee pulse and engagement

+ Internal brand and HR processes


Uncover the challenges.

A process of interviews and research that reveals the challenges that are leading to turnover frustration and wasted dollars for your brand and answers the questions:

+ Is your brand attractive to potential employees in the marketplace?

+ What is causing your high turnover rates or lack of qualified applicants?

+ What improvement can be made to your strategy to improve your employee experience?

+ How can you make your employees your biggest brand ambassadors?


Activate positive change. 

Identify projects that will improve your brand’s processes, presence, and marketing communication which could include:

+ Employer Brand Guidebook includes employee value proposition, brand values, ideal employee profile, and audit results and recommendations.

+ Human resource processes, toolkits, templates, and strategic plans.

+ Careers page and career highlight videos for use on website and social media.

Are you concerned about losing great people on your team?

Have you experienced some impact to revenue due to attraction or retention issues? Do you feel that you’re not competitive in the job marketplace?


Who we are

Insight HRM partners with businesses of all sizes to help them plan strategically, bridge the gaps between their current situation and future growth and provide invaluable guidance to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic HR environment.

Hoyden uses strategic insights, an outside perspective, and a creative approach to uncover the unique challenges a brand is facing. We partner with many types of organizations to develop creative strategies that help the brand reach its true potential.

If you are looking for a quick fix or magic bullet, this won’t be for you.

 If you are ready to identify long term strategies that keep your business strong for many years to come we’d love to build a package to help you.


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